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CleverReach Connect

Quick Overview

CleverReach Connect - Synchronizes your Magento subscribers, customers and sales with CleverReach Email Marketing Software

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CleverReach Connect

This extension will automatically synchronize your email newsletter subscribers from your Magento Newsletter subscribers and customers with with the CleverReach subscription groups.
Furthermore, the product data will be imported into CleverReach so that you can use product adverts in your newsletters. When people purchase a product through a click in the newsletter, the order information will be sent from Magento to CleverReach as well. This will allow you to track conversions and sales and get an overview as to how well your newsletters are performing and how much you are selling through them.

The extension allows for a douple-opt-in which is standard practise with newsletter subscriptions nowadays. In many countries, the double-opt-in is even required by law. In order to promote your newsletter, the extension will also add a subscription option to the Magento checkout.

The CleverReach email marketing tool allows you to create professional emails online, dispatch them reliably, track their success and manage receivers. It is equipped with a particularly user-friendly interface, which can be used intuitively and without any special technical knowledge.

To setup the synchronization, all you need is a CleverReach account (register here for free) and a CleverReach API key (instruction). This extension is free, but CleverReach itself is a paid service. Please find more information as to pricing here.


  • synchronizes your Magento newsletter subscribers and customers (imported from your orders if you like) with the Cleverreach subscription groups
  • synchronizes your Magento product data to Cleverreach (if you want to use it in a newsletter)
  • quietly sends the basic details of a order to your reporting dashboard in Cleverreach, this allows you to analyze the conversions that have resulted from your mailings
  • uses Double-Opt-In confirmation if you need it (optional, in some countries it's a duty to use it)
  • adds the subscription to the checkout

Additional Information

Version 3.4.0
Magento Version Compatibility 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.*